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New Generation Care Foundation, Patiala, Punjab Established in the year of 200 in the light of Mr.Rajbir Singh (Founder & Director): We are committed to deliver the right treatment for Drug and Alcohol addicts patient in north India as our renowned centre based in Patiala, Punjab. We are providing quality and best treatment for Alcoholic, Drugs addicted patient. New Generation Care Foundation uses integrated medicines with no side effect after taking the treatment Patient will become normal and lead their life normally like others. We have a dedicated Doctors Team who Support/Helps 24 hours addicts people to get rid of any kind of addictions and to avoid alcohol you will have to visit our famous Rehabilitation Centre.

We provide best facility in our centre for Drug Abuse, Alcohol Addicted patients as we are equipped with all advanced latest treatment which uses amongst best Rehabilitation Centre in Punjab. Now a days is badly effects our youth and new generation as they are getting addicts day by day and because of this our Punjab State suffers a lot and more over our country Suffers by this along with their loving ones who are living with that addict. We have seen thousands of people whom family gets destroyed with this bad habit and in the case of Punjab it has maximum numbers of addicted patient specially Drug Addicted Patients. Our country is fighting against this Alcohol and Drug Addiction but as a family member point of view we also have take strong and tough step so that we can flush out. We are using 12 Step program and do lots of therapies along with Medication and YOGA as well on a daily basis in our Rehabilitating centre for alcoholics.

We do different activities for Alcohol and Drug Addicts patients on a daily basis starts with YOGA and Meditation and Good Meal including Lots of Fruits and green vegetables that will make Balance diet to improve the Patients Physical Health as well as Mental health.

We need to understand the Psychological and state of mind of the Drug and Alcohol addicted patient normally people starts drinking for the sake of fun in parties and sometime chill out/ handout with loved ones or you can say with friends initially we thought this will not become out habit and by this our your generation distract from this life goal. NGCF primary principle is to provide the best concern and treatment to the patients at minimal cost with excellent results.

Why Choose Us-

We are amongst the Best Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in Punjab as our Centre Located in Patiala City with competitive Rates and Best in the Class Deaddi ction Treatment and World Class Facilities, few other reason are as follows

Our Mission

Our team's mission is to provide unrestricted Treatment Support to needy Drug and Alcohol patients irrespective of their financial Economical status. Furthermore, we aim to maintain international Rehabilitation standards at a reasonable price as we work for the betterment of human being.

Our Goal

New Generation Care Foundation always aim to provide smooth and healthy services to the disturbed patients alcoholics. Our latest and best refined De Addictions programmers ensures that our Addicted Patient's and other concerned patients always receive high quality Treatment services.

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