Rehabilitation Centre in Mohali
Rehabilitation Centre in Mohali

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De-Addiction Centre In Mohali

De-Addiction Centre In Mohali by New Generation Care Foundation is an outreach program under which we are trying to set-up centres in different locations in order to capitalise on the fact that each and every individual who has been entrapped by the vicious world of drugs wants to come out of it and wants to change the course of his or her life. We are one of its kind when it comes to Nasha Mukti Kendra in Mohali and Rehabilitation Centre in Mohali by New Generation Care Foundation. Why do we say so? Because our services and catalogue and the treatment methodology we follow are unique and are a testimonial to the right kind of work New Generation Care Foundation has been doing. We have different treatment methodologies which focus on eliminating the need, the psychological need that the individual feels to take the drug because they feel it maybe helps them relax and may also solve their issues.

Nasha Mukti Kendra in Mohali

At Nasha Mukti Kendra in Mohali and Rehabilitation Centre in Mohali by New Generation Care Foundation we try to explain them and make them understand through our different practises and activities that the kind of life to be lead is an independent one and the taste of freedom from every kind of shackle be it one of the drugs or the peer groups who input the worst kind of idea and habit of drugs in the individuals in one that can take life away from them. We have on top of all this, one of the lowest rates in the whole city of Mohali. This is another achievement in the filed as many of you might know the hefty charges other De-Addiction Centres in Mohali are trying to reap out of the customer. Nasha Mukti Kendra in Mohali and Rehabilitation Centre in Mohali by New Generation Care Foundation has an understanding that getting people stabilised in their lives is not a commercial duty. It is the duty of God. One has to take care of patients like brothers and sisters asking for help and direction in life.

Rehabilitation Centre in Mohali

This is the motto of our life that the way out of drugs is one thing, that is “compassion”. Where there is compassion there is some improvement. And it starts from us, the handlers at De-Addiction Centres in Mohali. We believe in the total turnover of life and not just temporary solutions which can at any stage lead to what we call in the treatment line as relapse. So as to reduce the chances of it, we try to give a follow up to people even after they have left our camps. We also provide residential treatment to our patients who have reached high sensitive levels which require them to be treated at their homes only. We send our doctors and team of professionals to their homes as per the schedule and carry out the treatment. If you see around you any individual who needs such kind of help and guidance, do contact us and get it treated today.

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